(Erie, PA)---Lilly Broadcasting continues to expand its program line-up with new channels and content. 

Lilly Broadcasting announced it has reached an agreement to bring Heroes & Icons to viewers in three of its markets.  Heroes & Icons will air in Erie, Pennsylvania on WSEE 35.4 and Spectrum 142.  H&I will broadcast in Marquette, Michigan on WZMQ 19.3.  In Honolulu, Hawaii, viewers will soon see the station on KITV digital channel 4.5.  Heroes & Icons is focused on classic television programs including the Star Trek franchise to beloved westerns like Rawhide and Maverick.  For more information about H&I, go to https://www.handitv.com/.

Heroes & Icons is a sister network to MeTV known as “Memorable Television.”    MeTV brings home some of the greatest television programs ever.  From M*A*S*H, the Andy Griffith Show and the Carol Burnette Show, the classic programs air 24/7 on Lilly Stations including WICU 12.2 in Erie, Pennsylvania which is carried on Spectrum channel 987.  MeTV airs in Honolulu on KITV channel 4.2 and Spectrum 126.  In Marquette, MeTV is on WZMA 19.1, Spectrum Channel 14.  For more information about MeTV, go to https://www.metv.com/shows/

Start TV brings inspirational programming to television with shows like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and Touched by an Angel.  Lilly Broadcast has agreed to become the Start TV affiliate soon in Erie, Pennsylvania on WSEE 35.4 and in Marquette on WZMQ 19.2.  In Honolulu, the network will beon KITV 4.4.

In Honolulu, KITV 4.3 is now Hawaii Television.  The digital sub-channel offers local news and weather around the clock from KITV 4 Island News. 

In Erie, Erie News Now+ offers local news and weather programming along with regional live football games and other sports programs on Channel 35.3.  Also in Erie, ION Television broadcasts on Channel 12.3. ION Television is “positively entertaining” featuring programs including Blue Bloods and Law & Order.  More information about ION programming is available at https://iontelevision.com/shows.

Lilly Broadcasting is also launching “New York Local” to serve viewers in Ithaca, New York and the Finger Lakes Region.  New York Local will carry WENY News and Weather focused on a newly established bureau in downtown Ithaca, New York.  New York Local is coming soon to Ithaca Spectrum Channel 11 and digital 12-43.